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Coming November 14, 2023 to US and UK Paperback and Ebook:
A Vermont Country Living Mystery, #3

It's game on when the long-time organizer of the annual Game Supper is murdered right in front of the diners. Even in a small town, there are plenty of suspects and motives, and Stella Buckley is determined to find the killer. Her high maintenance mom and a talking dog add fun and often hysterical "help" to her search. Readers who enjoy mysteries set in colorful rural settings will love Game Over At Guild Hall. —Sue Ann Jaffarian, author of the Odelia Grey and Ghost of Granny Apples mysteries.

Game Over at Guild Hall by Amy Patricia Meade

A Vermont Country Living Mystery, #3
Beyond the Page Publishing
November 14, 2023
ISBN-10: 1960511467
ISBN-13: 978-1960511478

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In rural Vermont, where hunting and trapping are a way of life, nothing is bigger than the annual wild game supper at Guild Hall. Stella can't wait to sample the exotic dishes prepared by her neighbors, but when the longtime organizer of the supper falls dead, a victim of poisoning, Stella's appetite—along with a roomful of suspects—vanishes. Then that same night someone ransacks the hall's kitchen, presumably to destroy any evidence, and spots Stella snooping. Now she fears she may be the next target.

Certain the only way to save herself is to find the culprit, Stella digs into the victim's life hoping to discover who might have wanted him dead. It turns out he'd made countless enemies over the years, as volunteers at the event were run ragged and hunters who wanted their food included were shunned. What's more, Stella discovers the victim had unearthed a shameful and long-buried secret at the hall itself. With the list of possible suspects growing and her life in danger, Stella zeroes in on a clue that could break the case wide open—as long as she can stay out of the killer's crosshairs . . .

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